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Machine service
and technical support

Świstowski sp. z o.o. offers comprehensive service in terms of:

  • Technical consultancy
  • Assembly of workshop equipment
  • Calibration of: balancing machines, wheel alignment devices
  • Periodic inspections and repair of machines
  • Full warranty service (48h) and post-warranty service throughout the country for devices purchased from us

Tire service supplies – Świstowski

We attach huge importance to reliable and professional realization of the tasks, which leads into the respect to our clients. So far thousands of people choose our services, whose satisfaction is the best recommendation of our services.

We make every effort to make sure, that our offer was adapted to current needs of market, bearing in mind first of all, high quality and safety of our products, also high level of customer service. With extensive experience in the industry and a team of dedicated professionals, we maintain a leading position among companies supplying tire services.

since 1993

> 1000 clients

Long-term partnerships