Regrooving tool


Regrooving tool

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  • Nacinarka bieżnika PS-15 standard 370 W

    Zestaw złożony jest z następujących elementów: transformator rączka z kablem 170 cm i głowica klucz imbusowy do montażu nożyków 20 szt. nożyków R3

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  • Regrooving tool PS-15 OTR 1000W

    The PS15 OTR is our most powerful model.  It includes: a 1000W transformer, 5 heating positions and a zero setting.  This unit is specially designed for intensive regrooving with R5, C5 and C6 blades.

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  • Regrooving tool PS-15 TRUCKSTAR PLUS 500W

    The most modern retreading device with percentage heating control for precision machining. PS15 Truckstar Plus is very economical thanks to the automatic standby function. Includes integrated buttons in the front and 500W transformer for better rubber cutting.

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