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POWER VALKASEAL L-20 - 20 cm, 30 pcs/box

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Traditional materials for puncture repairs are divided into glued and vulcanizing. Both technologies have their advantages and disadvantages.

Power Valkaseal is the only material that combines the advantages of both methods, while avoiding their disadvantages, which makes it an excellent product for repairs. The string is covered with raw rubber, which means that it can be used without vulcanizing fluid, as the introduction of the damage starts the vulcanization process. If we additionally use the vulcanization fluid, the bonding process will be even stronger and is recommended for tires used for fast driving or under heavy loads.

Power Valkaseal strings are used for quick and easy repair of tire punctures.

The strings are reinforced with nylon fibers and covered with raw rubber.

Power Valkaseal strings should be used with the Super Valkarn G vulcanizing fluid.

Power Valkaseal strings are universal - they can be used to repair tubeless, tubeless, radial and diagonal tires.

The shape of the string after insertion into the tire adapts exactly to the damage.

Power Valkaseal strings are very easy to apply. They can be used in emergency by drivers, while traveling to service and repair tires.

The ends of the strings are cut at an acute angle, which facilitates their application.

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