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Balancing Beads EcoBalance 8kg

Indeks: 15/I/ECO/8KG
259,00 zł 259.00 €


EcoBalance is a product for dynamic wheel balancing in trucks, vans, SUVs and buses.

The undoubted advantage of using balancing beads is that it works dynamically, i.e. it adapts to changes in the tire as a result of its use.

Reducing vibration results in longer tire life due to the elimination of uneven tread wear.

Correct wheel balancing obviously affects comfort.

The wheel is being balanced while driving, without using a balancer.

The product is neutral to the butyl layer of the tire and harmless to the environment. It is non-dusty and non-hygroscopic,

Weight: 8 kg



The product should be dosed according to the dosing table provided depending on the tire size. The measured amount of balancing beads should be poured directly into the tire before mounting it on the rim.

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