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Pneumatic wrench 1 "KUKEN KW-600H-I

Indeks: 35/10/KW-600H-I
2 518,51 zł 2,518.51 €


Professional pneumatic wrench from the Japanese company KUKEN.
Dedicated to workshops servicing truck wheels. Torque of 2800 Nm allows you to unscrew the bolts that fasten the wheels of any vehicle.
The body is made entirely of durable metal alloys. It has rubber covers on one side of the housing that protect the body against damage.

A metal handle is attached to the key housing to facilitate work.

The wrench is equipped with a four-step adjustment of the tightening force. The adjustment knob is located at the rear of the gun body, next to the direction of rotation switch.

The right-left rotation switch is positioned so that it can be switched quickly.

The key shaft is made of hard steel, thanks to which this part is resistant to knocking out and wiping in the place where the attachments are fitted.

The wrench should work in a pneumatic system equipped with an oiler, ensuring proper lubrication of moving parts, and a dryer to protect the mechanism against corrosion. Such a used key makes it virtually trouble-free.

Technical data:


    Connection thread 1/2 "
    1 "spindle
    Torque (max) 2800 Nm
    Rotation speed 2300 / min
    Length 60 cm
    Pin length 24 cm
    Weight 15.8 kg
    Air consumption (average) 0.9 m3 / min

Included with the key:

    standard 13 mm diameter hose connection
    Allen key

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