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Pneumatic wrench 1/2 "KUKEN KW-19HP

Indeks: 35/10/KW-19HP 1/2
485,44 zł 485.44 €


Light and handy wrench, ideal for assembling and disassembling passenger wheels and for many other workshop applications. The measured torque of 450 Nm is enough to unscrew the fastening screws of the wheels of any passenger car.

When connected to a system with a dryer and oiler protecting the mechanism against corrosion, the key is practically trouble-free.


    Maximum torque: 450 Nm
    Weight: 2.4 kg
    Air inlet size: 1/4 "
    Pin width: 1/2 "
    Compatible only with installations equipped with oiler and dryer (on offer)
    Durable steel housing - virtually indestructible in the conditions of vulcanization service

Available accessories:

    Quick couplings, hoses, oilers, deceivers and other pneumatic accessories
    ACTION impact sockets - available in a wide range of sizes and variants


    1 year from the date of purchase
    Shipping to the site
    Response time: 2 business days

Technical data:
Noise level 95.5 dB
Vibration level 2.67 m / s2
Net weight 2.4 kg
RPM 6000
Impact rate / min 1200
Recommended torque 100-450 Nm
Tool length 178 mm
Air consumption 0.4 m3 / min
Air inlet size 1/4 "

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